Welcome to After the Rain! I created this site as a tribute to Tori Amos. Without her music I would never have gotten through my darkest times. I named this site After The Rain to let you know that the day after the rain will come. I am a survivor of rape. I also created this site as a way to help as many rape survivors as I can. I have included my own story, other survivor stories and poetry, a chat room, a list of as many resources (online as well) as I could find, and a Message Board for support from other survivors. Don't know who Tori is? Check out the page with Tori facts and pics. Want to know more about her? Go to my links to other Tori inspired pages. Message Board - A forum filled with support from other survivors as well as additional survivor information. Tori Facts - A page dedicated to Tori including facts and pictures. Letters to Family - A page with letters written by survivors to their family and friends in an effort to further understanding. Survivors Stories - Stories from other survivors of their experiences and their strength. Survivor Poetry - Poetry and art from survivors created on their journey through healing. Links - Links to other survivor sites and my favorite Tori Amos sites. Where to find help - A list of as many resources as I could find for local help in your area. Attention This site was closed for many years and I have decided to bring it back.  At this time some of the information may be outdated but I will work as quickly as possible to get it current.  If you find anything that needs removed or corrected please feel free to email me at webmaster@aftertherain.com.   For immediate help please contact RAINN 1 800 656 HOPE Confidential 24 hour hotline